Music For/As Psychedelic Therapy Workshop

Music for/as Psychedelic Therapy With Mendel Kaelen

Join Dr. Mendel Kaelen for this four part workshop series, comprising a mixture of live and on demand content, designed to support current and aspiring psychedelic-assisted therapists to become more confident in their use of music within psychedelic therapy.

Workshop Dates: September 29 & October 13 + On Demand Content

Workshop Overview

The combined use of music and psychedelic substances predates Western medicine, with roots in Indigenous cultural practices. Yet with the rise of psychedelic therapy in the West, practitioners are left with questions regarding the function of music and how to guide patients with music effectively in clinical settings.

What you’ll learn

    • Deepen your understanding of the role of music in psychedelic therapy 
    • Experience music as psychedelic therapy through introspective deep listening 
    • Learn how to optimise therapeutic outcomes through the use of music 
    • Connect with other practitioners around the world

Workshop Content

Part 1 : September 29, 5:30pm BST | 12:30pm EST Dr. Mendel Kaelen introduces the series and guides you through a deep listening experience (LIVE)

Part 2: On Demand Dr. Mendel Kaelen teaches person-centred music for/as psychedelic therapy

Part 3: On Demand Dr. Bradley Vines showcases Wavepaths’ research on music, psychedelics, and wellbeing

Part 4: October 13, 5:30pm BST | 12:30pm EST
Dr. Mendel Kaelen hosts a Q&A on music for psychedelic therapy (LIVE)

Workshop Audience

Designed as an introduction to music for/as psychedelic therapy, this workshop series is created for:

    • ketamine practitioners and clinics,
    • psychedelic therapists, and psychedelic therapy students
    • any mental health practitioners who are looking to work with music in their practice.

Workshop Instructors

Dr. Mendel Kaelen Teaches Person Centred Music for/as Psychedelic Therapy

Dr. Mendel Kaelen is the founder and CEO of Wavepaths, a startup providing music both for and as psychedelic therapy. Prior to this, he worked as a PhD and postdoctoral neuroscientist at Imperial College London since 2012, where his research was the first to demonstrate music’s central role in psychedelic therapies. He is a thought leader on the therapeutic use of music and publishes and speaks frequently on this topic.

Dr. Bradley Vines Showcases Wavepaths’ Research Findings on music, psychedelics, and wellbeing

Dr. Bradley Vines spent seven years working as a Director of Consumer Neuroscience, conducting research on the effects of music on cognition and behaviour. Bradley obtained his PhD in Experimental Psychology at McGill University, focusing on music and emotion. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Department of Neurology, and was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California Center for Mind and Brain. He also holds a MBA from University of Oxford.



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