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Learn how to create unique, person-centred music experiences for your clients.

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Design a music session together with one of our team, gain knowledge and insights that you can immediately apply in your own practice.

What to expect from us:

A personal approach. We will explore your individual needs so you can envisage how Wavepaths would work within your own unique practice.

A comprehensive demo. As we delve into each feature we will empower you with the knowledge you need to personalise and adapt our music in real time.

An invitation to explore. Four weeks of Wavepaths access free of charge so you can put what you’ve learnt into practice and see if we’re right for you.

Wavepaths platform showing stillness wave on medium intensity

We’re booking live onboarding for care-providers

If you’re not currently a psychedelic therapy practitioner but interested in applying Wavepaths in other contexts, please join our waitlist here and we’ll be in touch when Wavepaths’ product is ready for your practice.

We are currently developing Wavepaths for psychotherapies, palliative care, breathwork and a range of other clinical and wellness applications.

“Western medicine has historically seen mental health treatment through the lens of symptom alleviation, whether through talk therapies or pharmacotherapy. There is a blindspot at the core of this approach, where the patient can be found. The implicit assumption underlying, that healing is externally as opposed to internally driven, can undermine a sense of agency that is essential for recovery. This experience in itself can be pathologising. Luckily things are changing. Wavepaths works with practitioners at the forefront of person-centred care, as well as supporting individuals to reconnect with their innate capacities to heal, through music.”

– Anna Wakefield, CCO & Co-Founder, Wavepaths

Wavepaths CoFounder and COO Anna Rickman