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Everyone’s journey is unique. Music for their psychedelic therapy should be too.

Person-Centred Music for Psychedelic Therapy

What’s the best playlist for psychedelic therapy?

We believe there isn’t one. Journeys are as unique as the individuals undertaking them. There is no one size fits all approach.

Music makes or breaks the experience. The same music will not resonate with everyone, nor with the same person on a different day.

The Hidden Therapist. Needs evolve from moment to moment and may not follow the path laid out by a playlist.

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Continuous stream

Seamless music tailored to pharmacodynamics and patient experiences

Greater control

Be confident with music optimised for positive outcomes

Adapt music

Intuitively adapt music to evolving needs

Personalised scores

Create fully personalised and unique music experiences every time

Philanthropic Support for Research & Training

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Wavepaths Experience For Clinical Use

3,000+ Sessions Run

In clinic or at home, in-person and remote, Wavepaths has supported mental health practitioners to facilitate over 3,000 client sessions.

300+ Practitioners

From large clinics to private practices, Wavepaths supports over 300 practitioners.

30+ Countries

Wavepaths are used across the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and many places in between.

A Ketamine Journey Created by Wavepaths

Music as Medicine


Live music that meets your needs in the moment.


Anger, sadness and pain, make space for joy, gently soothe and ground.


Journey inward through unique, ever evolving musical worlds. Uncover insights, find self-compassion and map new paths.

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Work with Confidence Using Music Designed for Psychedelic Therapy

Wavepaths Artist Spotlight

World-renowned artists create music for Wavepaths, intended for inner exploration and personal transformation. Every Wavepaths session represents a unique interplay and collaboration between our artists.

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Music Makes or Breaks the Patient Experience

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Wavepaths was born out of pioneering research into the central role of music for psychedelic therapy.

CEO and founder, Dr Mendel Kaelen is the world’s first PhD in the function of music in psychedelic therapy. He has published more than 30 academic papers and is cited in over 2000.

Wavepaths continues to move the field forward through research, both proprietary and in collaboration with leading academic institutions and clinical trials around the world.

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Wavepaths partners with award winning artists and musicians, whose compositions are designed to reflect and evoke the full range of human emotion through music.

Wavepaths technology intelligently mixes artist contributions in real time, from an expanding library of live-recorded music. This generative approach allows Wavepaths’ repertoire to continuously expand and evolve.

This collaboration empowers practitioners and listeners alike to create endless variations of unique, unrepeatable experiences, tailored to individual preferences and needs.

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Wavepaths music is procedurally generated and works by intelligently mixing collections of sounds in real time from an expanding pool of live-recorded, proprietary content – that embody certain emotional themes.

A generative approach allows Wavepaths’ repertoire to evolve continuously, produce unique, unrepeatable music, and enables fluid and live adaptability features that are central to a person-centred approach.

Generative music also supports a process of music arrangement that is spontaneous, interflowing and reflective of the sounds and rhythms of nature.

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Wavepaths team and community of advisors, artists, investors, partners and collaborators consist of experts in their fields – from neuroscience, music, technology, artificial intelligence, psychology, psychotherapy design and more.

Our entire team share a deep commitment to expanding access to safe, ethical and effective psychedelic therapy, a profound respect for the therapeutic process involved and heartfelt understanding of the urgent need for a new paradigm of care.

Wavepaths Music as Psychedelic Therapy

“There’s a philosophical component to what we do at Wavepaths that is essentially re-inventing the way music may happen. A consequence of that may be that there is a new genre in the making…”

– Dr. Mendel Kaelen, CEO at Wavepaths

Mendel Kaelen Wavepaths Founder and CEO
Wavepaths platform showing stillness wave on medium intensity
Optimise Therapeutic Outcomes
Create music that resonates with your patient’s unique preferences and needs.
Create Healing Environments
Provide a safe, adaptive space for challenging therapeutic work to happen.
Provide Person-Centred Care
Co-create music with your patient. Build a deeper sense of presence and connection in the process.
Join a Global Community
Join an international community of practitioners, researchers and experts at the forefront of psychedelic care.

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