Music as Medicine

Go where playlists can’t take you

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Journey inward and reconnect with yourself

What’s the best playlist for anxiety, depression, personal growth or self-exploration?

We believe there isn't one.

Your wellness journey is as unique as you are. There’s no one size fits all approach.

Let yourself go.

Your needs evolve moment to moment and might not follow the path laid out by a playlist.

Music makes or breaks the experience.

The same music won’t resonate with everyone, or even the same person on a different day.

The Hidden Therapist.

Discover music made to be a guide, designed to be a journey and a type of psychedelic therapy.

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journey into another dimension

“Thanks for the deep listening session yesterday! It was my first time and it felt amazing, almost like a journey into another dimension.”

–  Wavepaths Listener

carried on waves of sound

“I had a real sense of feeling the music, being carried on waves of sound, and experiencing connections. Therapy happened.”

–  Wavepaths Listener

my way of thinking shifted

“…mentally my way of thinking shift, I have the feeling I can feel the fluidity of my energy inside my body responding and moving to the music…”

–  Wavepaths Listener

Are you ready to journey inward?

Join Wavepaths Listener Community. Where music is medicine. 

Wavepaths listener community is not just another wellness app.

What began as the world’s first person-centred music solution for psychedelic therapy is now a fast growing online community and tool where you can deepen your practice – personal growth, meditation, breathwork and more – with music completely personalized for you.

Created by neuroscientist Dr. Mendel Kaelen, and supported by a world class team of therapists, artists and advisors, Wavepaths is on track to become one of the number of tools for mental health, wellness and self-exploration.

Your subscription includes:

Daily drop-in, self-guided experiences

Weekly guided group Deep Listening experiences

Deep Listening experiences

Monthly personalised experiences designed uniquely for you

Educational resources, videos, courses and events

A community of like-minded individuals

Community committed to music as a contemplative practice

Wavepaths iOS app included free

First access when launched; includes unlimited personalised Deep Listening

Philanthropic Support for Research & Training

Experience as Medicine


Live music that meets your needs in the moment.


Anger, sadness and pain, make space for joy, gently soothe and ground.


Journey inward through unique, ever evolving musical worlds.

Wavepaths Music as Psychedelic Therapy
Patient lays on pillow with eye mask and head phones on listening to Wavepaths

Music for healing

Wavepaths is currently being used by accredited psychedelic therapists, practitioners and researchers in clinics around the world. 

Healthcare professionals use Wavepaths in treatments for anxiety, depression, PTSD, end of life care and more.

3,000+ Sessions Run

In clinic or at home, in-person and remote, Wavepaths has supported mental health practitioners to facilitate over 3,000 client sessions.

300+ Practitioners

From large clinics to private practices, Wavepaths supports over 300 practitioners.

30+ Countries

Wavepaths are used across the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and many places in between.

Music is the language of emotion

Music has the power to give voice to deeper needs, and is a space to truly listen to yourself. 

Discover unique, personalized music experiences, designed to facilitate emotional reconnection and release, autobiographical insight, calm and focus.

Enjoy a sample:

Wavepaths Artist Spotlight

World-renowned artists create music for Wavepaths, intended for inner exploration and personal transformation. Every Wavepaths session represents a unique interplay and collaboration between our artists.