The Women of Wavepaths

In light of International Women’s day we would like to take a moment to celebrate all women, including the women of Wavepaths and their invaluable efforts, contributions and achievements.

The Women of Wavepaths

The Wavepaths mission is expertly guided by COO & Co-founder Anna Rickman who - often found innovating tirelessly behind the scenes - embodies truly exceptional business acumen, quick thinking, careful planning and a warm heartedness that has been integral to Wavepaths growth & development. A foundational figure, and ongoing inspiration to the team.

Another long-standing team member is Melissa Shukuroglou. You may have come to know her as the first point of contact for our community for the last two years, and often the first point of call for us internally, on whom we depend for so many of our team needs. Her unwavering patience, reliability and intelligence make her an invaluable member of our core team. We look forward to her becoming more deeply involved in our research team and leading her own proprietary research projects as we continue to explore as yet uncharted territories of music in therapy.

Assistant to Wavepaths’ CEO Mendel Kaelen, Liza Frank is a pivotal member of the team. Her intuition, discernment and organisation provides valued support to Mendel, and us all. Liza’s attitude, wit and wisdom is respected deeply - a font of knowledge that goes well beyond her role into areas of folklore, photography, writing and education.

It is with great pleasure to introduce and honour a recent addition to the team, Susan Langan. Susan arrived with a breadth of experience, personality and passion that will come to define our new Artist Relations Manager role. Susan’s talents and knowledge afford her unique insight and input, with experience as a professional DJ, artist development educator and meditation teacher to name a few. Her efforts so far have shown mindful determination to continuously innovate the way we work with artists and develop a broad musical lexicon. Welcome Susan!

Our artist base represents a growing body of talented female musicians, with Anilah as a longstanding contributor. Fascinated with the therapeutic aspects of sound and music from an early age, Anilah was led to study psychoacoustic sound design, music therapy, and the healing potential of the voice. She has had an important influence on our music system so far.

We cannot wait to share announcements about the most recent additions to our exceptional roster of female artist collaborators going forward, with Kazakh-British composer and violinist Galaya Bisengalieva being a recent example. Galaya is an internationally recognised performer, having played at world-class venues and collaborating with artists across genres. Her ‘unyielding drones’ and expansive style will contribute in important ways to the evolution of Wavepaths music.

Another vital and longstanding area of our team includes our wonderful trained guides, providing first-hand support and direction for our users undergoing Wavepaths Deep Listening experiences. Alongside our psychotherapy lead, Tom Shutte, our guide team is driven by hypnotherapist Francesca Elisia and Art Psychotherapist Diana Kayafa. We value their efforts deeply, both integral to the growth of our guide program, offering a unique approach and creating space that is so key to self exploration and development.

Clinical psychologist and researcher, Dr. Alicia Danforth has been an invaluable support to the development of Wavepaths from its very inception. She has had a deep and broad influence on clinical research with psychedelics. She pioneered research into MDMA-assisted therapy with neurodiverse patients and co-developed and taught the first graduate-level course on psychedelic theory, research, and clinical considerations for therapists and researchers in training at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Her careful, expert and compassionate contributions support the development of Wavepaths therapeutic approach. We are so grateful to have her with us.

Finally, Professor Mira Sundara Rajan has also been with us as our core legal advisor since the beginning, playing a pivotal role in establishing the legal foundations of Wavepaths. She is an IP and copyright law specialist with a range of accolades and achievements to her name both within and beyond law, including one of Canada’s highest academic honours as Research Chair at the University of British Columbia. Alongside her legal and academic accomplishments, Mira is an eminent writer and concert pianist with an active performance schedule.

We are grateful to all women, and those whose efforts and expertise have defined Wavepaths' growth and development.