Wavepaths for Listeners

Design unique music experiences for personal use alongside a community.

Journey inward, illuminated with music from world class artists

Experience music as psychedelic therapy in your own time and from the comfort of your home.

Wavepaths music is expanding on a weekly basis, where each moment represents an unrepeatable collaboration between our artists.

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Adrian Freedman Wavepaths Artist

Adrian Freedman

Anilah Wavepaths Artist


Robert Rich Wavepaths Artist

Robert Rich

Greg Haines Wavepaths Artist

Greg Haines

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Create unlimited deep listening sessions on demand

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Explore endlessly evolving sonic ambiances with infinite streams

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Discover music as a psychedelic agent

Not only is music accessible at home, at work or on-the-go, it is an incredibly powerful way to connect and communicate with yourself on a deeper emotional level.

Research shows that the right music for you, when listened to with focus and intention, supports meaning-making, emotionality, and mental imagery – the same therapeutic processes associated with psychedelic therapy and other experiential therapies.


Who is this community for?

Anyone interested in exploring the therapeutic use of music for personal exploration.

Deep listening can be used as a standalone method or in conjunction with other approaches to self inquiry such as yoga, meditation, emotional release, psychedelic integration or preparation, psychedelic experiences and more.

  1. Infinite Streams: This offers endlessly evolving musical ambiences, live generated in your browser. The emotional intensity of infinite streams is always low.
  2. Deep Listening: This offers finite introspective experiences, with an emotional arc and with guided meditations before and after. The emotional intensity of deep listening sessions within the app is always medium.

Wavepaths Listener Membership

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  • Personalise your own music experiences
  • 1/m community deep listening with Mendel
  • 1/m community deep listening with Valentina
  • Enjoy a private Deep Listening forum
  • Develop your practice with community support

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“Beautiful. . To be more precise, that 30 minutes shifted me from anxiety, self reproach, and difficulty looking up, to light, expansive, grounded, peaceful, and open.”

– Wavepaths Deep Listener