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An international community of practitioners, researchers and experts at the forefront of psychedelic care, dedicated to a deeper understanding of the therapeutic use of music.

Feel confident in using music in your practice

Access the tools, education and events to increase your confidence and proficiency when working with music therapeutically.

Increase your knowledge

Expand your knowledge on the use of music during psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, and as a psychedelic therapy in and of itself.

Deepen your understanding

Enhance your understanding of the theory and practice of person-centred music through on-demand educational resources, workshops and monthly AMAs.

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Join a music-first community of practitioners

Tap into collective knowledge and a network of peers to share insights, ideas and deepen your understanding of the therapeutic use of music.

Explore collective knowledge

Share knowledge, resources, case studies and learn from others. Connect with peers, experts and thought leaders as we move forward our collective understanding of this new field.

Share best practices

Share your favourite music, insights, best practices and equipment recommendations to optimise your therapeutic approach, audio set up and clinic environment.

* Full membership is included with a Wavepaths subscription.

Who is this community for?

Psychedelic Community

Psychedelic therapists, therapists in-training and psychedelic therapy students

Wellness Community

Psychotherapists, breathworkers, mental health & wellness practitioners looking to work with music as a standalone tool

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“Having access to a community of fellow practitioners is invaluable for accountability. I believe that is the single most important thing in this profession.”

– Wavepaths Community Member

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“Wavepaths practitioner community has helped me recognise how others are approaching and innovating within the psychedelic-assisted therapy field with an emphasis on creative arts and embodied approaches to healing”

– Wavepaths Community Member