Wavepaths for Experiential Therapies

Evidence-based and adaptive music to deepen expressiveness of, and access to, inner subjective experiences.

A music platform, designed for therapeutic work

Unlike playlists, Wavepaths’ generates the music experience in-the-moment by mixing unique phrases, tones and compositions.

This allows for the music to be easily and smoothly changed in real time to support the dynamically changing needs of your client. Wavepaths supports:

Hypnotherapy, Somatic experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Gestalt Therapy, Client-Centred Psychotherapy, EMDR, Guided Imagery and Music, Music Therapy, Sound Therapy & Art Therapy

Set-and-forget using one of many Therapeutic Templates, or play an active role in guiding and manoeuvring the music experience according to the evolving needs of a session.

Wavepaths actualises a person-centred model of care, to improve the patient experience and therapy outcomes, according to the following variables:

The Individual

Wavepaths adjusts musical and acoustic properties to create a climate that speaks more directly and empathically to each unique individual, helping you to access and work through deeply subconscious material.

The Experience

We’ve identified a number of distinct therapeutic functions of music that support the dynamic subjective experience of the individual in unique ways.

Musical Preference

Choose timbre preference between acoustic and electronic or by default a mix of both which provides the greatest musical range.

Session Duration

Your settings will generate a session length, but if you wanted to manually change that, you have full flexibility.

Therapeutic Template

Choose from a range of pre-designed therapeutic templates, according to medicine, or customise and save your own.


The language of music is universal. Wavepaths allows me to connect with my clients transcending all boundaries, so we can access the deepest layers of their being which are difficult to reach through the spoken word alone.


 – Valentina Olper, Msc, CPsychol



Designed for care-providers

Enhance the therapeutic alliance

Co-create each experience together with your patient, offer an invaluable sense of agency in the therapeutic process.

Personalise music for your clients

Effortlessly provide person-centred music experiences, unique to each patient.

Improve therapeutic outcomes

Create music sessions that resonate with your clients and support the therapeutic process.

Informed by 10 years of research

Wavepaths embodies a multi-year research endeavour that includes insights from early research into the role of music in psychedelic therapy as well as the pioneering doctoral research of Wavepaths’ founder Mendel Kaelen at Imperial College London, that looked into the role and function of music in psychedelic therapy.

Wavepaths Musical Journey for Psilocybin Assisted Thearpy

Our key insight is that the degree to which music resonates on an individual level is a predictor of therapeutic outcomes but not drug intensity. Wavepaths is designed specifically to enhance resonance by making the process and application of personalised music experiences accessible.

A departure from streaming services

Fully-licensed for professional use

Wavepaths includes all needed licences for the use of music in your practice.

Support the artists that support your clients

Wavepaths shares 10% of your monthly software subscription with it´s artists.

Ensure novel music, intentionally composed for therapeutic use

Original music, composed with intention, care and understanding of the healing experience.

Prevent counter therapeutic experiences

Wavepaths for care-providers allows for smooth and intuitive changes to the music, when needed most.

Session arc

Intensity Slider


In-session Planner

Award-winning Artists

Wavepaths music is composed by world-renowned artists to reflect and evoke the full range of human emotion across each of our core emotional climates: stillness, vitality, bittersweet, and tension.

Wavepaths Artists create Psilocybin Therapy music for

According to your therapeutic choices, Wavepaths’ combines compositions in the moment to create a completely unique experience every time. Hear compositions transform seamlessly and in real time as you adapt music live to meet your patient’s needs and experience.

Product Features

Therapeutic templates

Access a range of bespoke therapeutic templates, or create and save your own.

Live adjustments

Adjust emotionality, instrumentation and intensity in real time in response to patient preferences and needs.

Playback options

Run sessions live, in person or remotely using the Client Link

Integration options

Share a recording of the session with your client using Share Session

Therapeutic functions


Provide a soothing, calming and reassuring climate.

Deepening & Releasing

Bringing feelings, psychological processes and memories more strongly into awareness and promote emotional release.


Promote movement and change of emotionality.


Support a helpful or meaningful therapeutic process, by extending a musical experience.


Honour important moments of rest and reflection during a session.


Practitioner community

Continue to develop your practice alongside peers and experts in Wavepaths practitioner community.

Personalised training

Build confidence in working with music in a person-centred way with 1:1 training and onboarding.

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