Wavepaths for Personal Use

Go where playlists can’t take you

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What is Wavepaths?

Wavepaths delivers expertly curated musical experiences exclusively composed for therapeutic use. Our version for personal use empowers you to create personalised soundscapes in minutes to support your unique healing journey.

Built on over a decade of scientific research, our approach is finely tuned to amplify the therapeutic impact of your sessions via the following key elements:

Your musical language

Ensuring that the sounds and instruments played for your session resonate with you.

Your therapeutic modality

Supporting different use-cases, ranging from introspective listening to psychedelics.

Your intentions

Guiding you through the subjective experiences you need or want to explore.

Your listening style

Introducing our Deep Listening method, to help you get the most from your experience.


“Thanks for the deep listening session yesterday! It was my first time and it felt amazing, almost like a journey into another dimension.”

–  Wavepaths Listener

“I had a real sense of feeling the music, being carried on waves of sound, and experiencing connections. Therapy happened.”

–  Wavepaths Listener

“…mentally my way of thinking shifted, I could feel the fluidity of my energy inside my body responding and moving to the music…”

–  Wavepaths Listener

How does Wavepaths work?

Wavepaths experiences are a departure from the one-size-fits-all playlist approach. Instead, each session is meticulously crafted in real-time to cater specifically to your individual needs. No two sessions are the same, ensuring that each experience is a fresh and unique journey, brimming with novelty.

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