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Everyone’s journey is unique. Music for psychedelic therapy should be too.

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Wavepaths Music as Psychedelic Therapy

Creating a truly person-centred ketamine session has never been easier.​

With Wavepaths:

  • Design person-centred music experiences, unique to each patient, or co-create together, providing an invaluable sense of agency in the therapeutic process;
  • Automatically adapt to medicine, route of administration and dosage when curating sessions. Gently guide patients through emotional atmospheres that most resonate with their unfolding experience;
  • Run Wavepaths sessions live – in person or remote, or schedule sessions for patients to experience at home. Work with music as a powerful tool for preparation, integration, or as a standalone therapeutic intervention;
  • Build confidence working with music in a person-centred way with 1:1 training, onboarding and support. Continue to develop your practice alongside peers and experts in Wavepaths exclusive practitioner community.

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When it comes to music for psychedelic therapy, practitioners understand it can make or break the experience – yet many don’t have the tools or knowledge to create the optimal set and setting.

Remove any guesswork in offering the optimal experience with evidence-based music for ketamine therapy.

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We understand the operational complexities of launching, running and growing a ketamine practice, clinic, or chain.

Wavepaths onboarding, training, and hands on support for clinic owners, practitioners and clinical teams means that providing the right music experience is one less thing to worry about.

It is imperative to both patient and practitioner that music during psychedelic therapy is as reliable as it is responsive.

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While the field of psychedelic medicine is advancing, there is a gap in expertise around music for psychedelic therapy.

Membership to Wavepaths practitioner community comes free with any subscription to Wavepaths – a place to connect with and learn from peers and experts in the space. Enhance your understanding of the theory and practice of person-centred music, and deepen your experiential understanding through live and on demand educational resources.

Wavepaths Music as Psychedelic Therapy