1:1 and Group Consultation with Mendel Kaelen

Elevate your expertise and deepen your understanding of the unique ways music can be integrated into your practice and services, empowering you to enhance the experiences of those you serve

A personal approach. Mendel will tailor sessions to your individual needs and will be open to explore any questions, concerns, therapeutic case-studies or research considerations.

10+ years experience. Mendel is a thought leader and innovator in the field of music and psychedelic therapy, who has contributed to landmark research and is continuing to implement his findings in the form of person-centred music technologies and protocols.

Discounted access to music & education. If Wavepaths is something that might suit your practice, discounted access is ensured as part of your training package.

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Individual: Starting at $200 per hour
Groups: Starting at $800 per hour

Pricing will be tailored to your association (corporate, research, clinical, other). If you are on low income, still in study, or your organisation may need support in affording a consultation session, please let us know in the message below.

10 + years experience researching and applying music in therapeutic contexts

30 + publications | 95,000 + reads | 4,500 + citations

Over this time, Mendel has explored and pioneered a neuroscientific investigation into the role and function of music in psychedelic therapy, which, alongside the ongoing development of music & protocols for both research and therapeutic settings, has exposed him to a unique range of challenges and insights – leading to the innovation of Wavepaths’ model for person-centred music.

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