Person-centred Music with Mendel Kaelen

An on-demand workshop to support your understanding of the role of music in psychedelic therapy and how to apply it in a person-centred way

Workshop overview

The combined use of music and psychedelic substances predates Western medicine, with roots in Indigenous cultural practices. Yet with the rise of psychedelic therapy in the West, practitioners are left with questions regarding the function of music and how to support patients with music effectively in clinical settings. 

Join Dr. Mendel Kaelen in our on-demand workshop series, designed to support current and aspiring psychedelic-assisted therapists to become more confident in their use of music within psychedelic therapy.

Included with a Wavepaths subscription. Start a 14 day trial to explore workshop introduction and scientific foundations for free (advanced tier and above).

Workshop content

  • Workshop Introduction & Deep Listening Experience
  • Part 1: Scientific Foundations for applying Person-Centred Music in Psychedelic Therapies
  • Part 2: Key Concepts and Definitions of Person Centred Music
  • Part 3: Preparation Phase: Music Selection
  • Part 4: In-session Phase: Music Adaptation
  • How to use Wavepaths: 8 practical guides
  • Appendix: other useful information

What you'll learn

  • Deepen your understanding of the role of music in psychedelic therapy
  • Learn about the key concepts and therapy techniques that make music-selection person-centred
  • Experience and learn about the 6 distinct therapeutic functions music and how to select and design music for psychedelic therapy sessions accordingly
  • Learn insights for effective use of Wavepaths music tool for Care Providers, and playlist design

Workshop audience

Designed as an introduction to music for/as psychedelic therapy, this workshop series is created for:

  • Therapists working with Psychedelics, such as Ketamine, Psilocybin, MDMA and others.
  • Psychedelic therapy students
  • Any mental health practitioners who are looking to work with music in their practice


Equipment needed

Session 1 includes an experiential deep listening component that requires:

  • Your best headphones or external sound system
  • An eye mask to support full immersion in the music
  • A jumper or blanket to hand for warmth and comfort
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