Our Music

Meet our talented artists and understand our creative approaches used to collaborate with them

Our Composition Process

We carefully select the musicians we work with, based on their exquisite and unique artistic qualities as well as their authentic connection with and recognition for the profound responsibilities we collaborate on. Our composition process is rooted in the one humble intention of serving and caring for those individuals who embarked on their vulnerable journey of growth, in need for guidance, connection and compassion along the way. Our technology weaves individual musical contributions together in real-time, adapted to person, experience and medicine, to result in unique compositions that are an expression of each individual and moment in time.

We are grateful working with our musicians. Please explore their profiles below to learn more about each unique individual behind Wavepaths´music.

Andrea Belfi - Wavepaths Artisit

Andrea Belfi

Berlin, Germany

Anilah Wavepaths Artist


Vancouver, Canada

BISHI - Wavepaths Artist


London, UK

Christina Vantzou - Wavepaths Artist

Christina Vantzou

Brussels, Belgium

Portrait of Musician Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins

London, UK

Helping People Connect to Their Emotions

Working on the Wavepaths material has informed my work. I think that it has affirmed a specific style of vocal composition that I have been cultivating for many years now. Specifically in relation to using the voice therapeutically, and creating music from a very present and intentional place. I would also say that my style of vocal work adds a human quality of warmth to Wavepaths, and hopefully helps people connect to their emotions during a listening session.


NYX - Wavepaths Artist


London, UK

Pascal Savy - Wavepaths Artist

Pascal Savy

London, UK

Robert Rich - Wavepaths Artist

Robert Rich

California, USA

Matt Kidd - Wavepaths Artist

Matt Kidd

Houston, USA

Superposition - Wavepaths Artist


Los Angeles, USA

Tomasz Bednarczyk - Wavepaths Artist

Tomasz Bednarczyk

Wrocław, Poland

Zeno van den Broek - Wavepaths Artist

Zeno van den Broek

Utrecht, Netherlands

Andrea Belfi - Wavepaths Artisit

Andrea Belfi

Berlin, Germany

Anilah Wavepaths Artist


Vancouver, Canada

EbeOke - Wavepaths Artist

Ebe Oke

London, UK

Filippo De Laura - Wavepaths Artist

Filippo De Laura

New York, USA

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Wavepaths Artist

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Los Angeles, USA

Spencer Doran - Wavepaths Artist

Spencer Doran

Portland, USA

Kara-Lis Coverdale, Wavepaths' Artist standing in a garage

Kara-Lis Coverdale

Montreal, Canada

Julia Gjertsen Wavepaths Artist

Julia Gjertsen

Oslo, Norway

Richard Pike Wavepaths Artist

Richard Pike

Ramsgate, UK

Kevin Keller

New York, USA

Expressive + Creative Freedom

Working for Wavepaths offers a nice balance between creative liberty and the focus of a specific goal. Within Wavepaths I feel I can utilise the side of myself that is expressive and creative, while not taking the kind of unhealthy possession of the outcome that can come with live performance or releasing on traditional formats. This is a kind of freedom, too.

Greg Haines