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Deepen your understanding of the therapeutic use of music.

Where Research and Application Meet

Wavepaths holds virtual events to help therapists and practitioners deepen their understanding of the therapeutic use of music. Events are hosted by Wavepaths core team, and also include special guests ranging from medical professionals, to artists, and thought leaders. Explore our calendar of upcoming events below.

Upcoming Events

Launch Events & Workshops

Man undergoing psychedelic therapy while listening to Wavepaths music holding a practitioners hand

Person-centred Music Workshop

Join Dr. Mendel Kaelen for this four part workshop series, designed to support current and aspiring psychedelic-assisted therapists to become more confident in their use of music within psychedelic therapy.

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Past Events

Music for-as Psychedelic Therapy with Mendel Kaelen - Wavepaths

Deep Listening Mendel Kaelen

Join Wavepaths extended community for a Deep Listening experience facilitated by Wavepaths CEO and Founder, Dr. Mendel Kaelen.

Carve out a space for yourself to return, arrive and be at ease with your ever-evolving experience.

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