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Deep Listening

We developed Deep Listening as a transformative music listening method that emerged from our continuous research programs on the therapeutic power of music.

By harnessing processes reminiscent of psychedelic therapies and other experiential therapies, this unique approach provides a guided and introspective experience, fostering meaning-making, insight, and emotional release – practiced independently or in conjunction with your existing practices.

Book a  2.5 hour session for yourself or a group, facilitated over Zoom

  • Be introduced to Deep Listening and be led-in to your experience with reflections, intention-setting and listening exercises tailored to your needs.
  • Experience a live-guided introspective music experience created with our innovative music technology: Each session becomes a unique musical creation, created live, designed exclusively for you, and intuitively attuned to you.
  • Join a post-session integration session to process and have the option to share reflections on your experience.

Inquire below to book your session

Individual: $200 per session
Up to 6 people: $1000 per session
Up to 12 people: $1500 per session
12+ people: please inquire

If you are on low income, still in study, or your organisation may need support in affording Deep Listening, please let us know in the message below.


Deep Listening is not offered as a psychotherapeutic or medical intervention.

Deep Listening can facilitate powerful experiences. If you are currently experiencing acute emotional distress, please note that we cannot provide the relevant support during our experiences. If you are under the active care of a mental health practitioner, please seek their advice before participating.