Wavepaths' Purpose

Facilitate personally meaningful experiences

Mental health treatment is facing a paradigm shift away from symptom alleviation towards therapies that put individual experience at the centre.

Our purpose is to help facilitate personally meaningful experiences to improve mental health and well-being. 

Wavepaths is founded on the fundamental insight that our ways of being in this world, our ways of relating to ourselves and others, are continuously shaped by our life experiences.

We work to develop a new category of therapeutic tools: Experience as Medicine –  integrating psychedelic science, machine learning, music theory, psychotherapies and experience design, in collaboration with artists, therapists and researchers.

Therapists holds iPad display Wavepaths. In the background a Ketamine Therapy patient wears eye shades and headphones

“Western medicine has historically seen mental health treatment through the lens of symptom alleviation, whether through talk therapies or pharmacotherapy. There is a blindspot at the core of this approach, where the patient can be found. The implicit assumption underlying, that healing is externally as opposed to internally driven, can undermine a sense of agency that is essential for recovery. This experience in itself can be pathologising. Luckily things are changing. Wavepaths works with practitioners at the forefront of person-centred care, as well as supporting individuals to reconnect with their innate capacities to heal, through music.”

– Anna Wakefield, CCO & Co-Founder, Wavepaths

Wavepaths CoFounder and COO Anna Rickman
Therapist uses Wavepaths platform on an iPad during Ketamine therapy session. In the background a man is laying down wearing an eye mask and headphones using a blanket.

Our Product Mission

Our product mission is to deliver the world’s first person-centred music solution for practitioners and listeners to facilitate Experience as Medicine with music.

Wavepaths for practitioners enables therapists and clinicians to work with music in a truly person-centred way, as an extension of the therapeutic relationship and to deepen therapeutic alliance.

Wavepaths enables listeners to create unique, personalised, adaptive music experiences to facilitate emotional reconnection and release, autobiographical insight, calm and focus.

Our Values



Our music is a collaboration between our artists and software. Our experiences are a collaboration between our artists, software and the listener.


Healing is a creative act between practitioner and patient. New meanings are created through shared explorations of the unknown.


Collaboration catalyzes creativity, and innovation happens when specialisms collide. Teamwork is where inspiration is nurtured into maturity.



The capacity for individuals to make decisions will never be reduced or removed, only strengthened. Technologies do not manipulate or generate dependence, only empower.


Our approach is person-centred. It never claims authority over truth. It is never forceful. It supports patients and listeners to take compassionate ownership over their thoughts, feelings and actions.


Leadership creates clarity and encourages autonomy and initiative. Ownership is the foundation of growth and success. Processes and guidelines are not prohibitive but enabling.



All technologies feel natural and approachable. We have full data oversight with multiple levels of security, including end-to-end encryption.


Trust is the basis for building strong and enduring relationships between practitioner and patient.. It is the foundation for one’s capacity to be open and vulnerable, and thus be fully seen, to heal and grow.


Clear communication and accountability are the foundation of our integrity, team cohesion, and success. Working with mental health is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We are true to the evidence base and do not overpromise.



Software and their developments will be guided by empirical research. We avoid being influenced by, and any associations with religion, spirituality and New Age movements.


Our approach is inspired by humanistic and existential attitudes to healing. We acknowledge the language and beliefs of all patients and listeners fully.


We are rooted in science and committed to maintain a humble and neutral attitude to the unknown. Personal beliefs and non-scientific concepts (pseudo-science) remain separate from our business.