Introducing Wavepaths for Breathwork

Introducing Wavepaths for Breathwork


For the first time, Wavepaths offers a new way of supporting breathwotk practices with adaptive music. Now available as part of a limited beta. 

Drawing upon insights learned form supporting psychedelic therapies with music, we are proud to introduce music for breathwork. 

Music plays a crucial role in supporting and facilitating therapeutic experiences during breathwork sessions as well as providing an anchor for rhythmic breathing techniques and breath holds.

Whichever method you are trained in, you can now offer licensed and tailored music sessions to elevate your breathwork practice with the following features:

  • Real-Time Adaptability: Every breathwork session is unique, and our music adapts seamlessly to the rhythm of the practice.
  • Affordable Music Licensing: For just $25 per month while in beta, our platform offers the most cost-effective music licensing solution, making it the most budget-friendly option available.
  • Reciprocity to Musicians: we deeply believe in supporting artists, ensuring they receive fair compensation and recognition for their musical contributions to our platform.
  • Exclusively composed music: Elevating client experiences with captivating and unheard music composed from the heart.
  • Backed by Scientific Research: Our music creation process is guided by ongoing scientific research, focused on supporting altered states of consciousness with music.
  • Remote sessions: Utilise Wavepaths’ remote session features to offer live music to your online clients via a sharable music link
Set-and-forget using one of many templates, or play an active role in guiding and manoeuvring the music experience according to the evolving needs of a session.
Start your 14 day trial now now and enjoy 75% off our Advanced and Pro plans with code BREATHWORK75 for the next 7 days.



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