The Wavepaths Story

From Research to Clinical Practice

Music has always been an essential component in the psychedelic experience, through time and throughout the world. It continues to play a foundational role in psychedelic therapy today. Breakthroughs in neuroscientific research are deepening our understanding of how and why music is so core to the psychedelic experience.

Research Foundations

During his research at Imperial College, Wavepaths founder Mendel Kaelen PhD and his colleagues conducted extensive neuroscientific research on psychedelic therapy. Mendel’s research demonstrated the central role of music in facilitating transformative experiences in psychedelic therapy from which developed the vision for Wavepaths.

2011 | 2018

Founding Wavepaths

In 2019 Kaelen was joined by co-founder Anna Rickman to materialise Wavepaths from the seed of an idea, build a team and launch operations headquartered in East London. Initial focus was to validate core hypotheses through a pop up research space in collaboration with Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins.


Early Reception & Growth

Their research centre and sell out pop up experiential space in Brick Lane was open from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week with a waiting list of thousands. Today their clinical product is being used by over 200 practitioners in over 30 countries in clinics around the world, with a waitlist of over 4,000 practitioners. Hand in hand with therapists, researchers and artists, Wavepaths has built a community leading the forefront of a new field of experiential medicine, working to unlock the healing effects of music.

2020 | 2021

Expanding Music as Medicine

Wavepaths is currently supporting the rapidly expanding ketamine therapy market across the US and Canada and is being used by many ketamine clinics for both ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and ketamine IV therapy (KIT). If you are a practitioner or clinic interested in working with Wavepaths register for the waiting list here.

2022 | Present

Supporting Clinical Research

Wavepaths is committed to supporting ongoing research into psychedelic therapy and is currently supporting clinical trials with MDMA, psilocybin, DMT, etc. at institutions including McGill University, University of Washington, Imperial College London, Monash University and more. If you are a researcher interested in partnering with Wavepaths please contact on our research page.

2022 | Present