Our Story

Rooted in Humanness.
Founded on Science.
Lead by a Courage to Create

Music has been a central component to vast numbers of medicinal and spiritual practices all over the world, and for tens of thousands of years of our rich human history. Within the context of psychedelic medicine we see a centrality of music too, all the way from traditional use to contemporary psychedelic therapies. Academic research by our founder has been instrumental in facilitating an understanding and appreciation of the various functions of music in psychedelic therapy within the global therapeutic community. Acting as a co-therapist, music we came to see plays an active therapeutic role in this delicate and deeply relational work. Wavepaths was founded upon the recognition that future care-providers working with these powerful and potent psychedelic medicines need both reliable knowledge and practical tools at hand to incorporate music in safe, effective and ethical ways. Yet, Wavepaths recognised a deeper insight relevant for the future of mental health care, that points beyond psychedelic therapies, and yes, beyond music. 

Research Foundations

During his research at Imperial College, Wavepaths founder Mendel Kaelen PhD and his colleagues conducted extensive neuroscientific and clinical research on psychedelic therapy. Mendel’s research demonstrated the central role of music in facilitating positive therapy experiences and outcomes in psychedelic therapy from which he developed the vision for Wavepaths.

2011 | 2018

Founding Wavepaths

In 2019 Wavepaths´ first team was built and headquartered in East London. Initial focus was to validate core hypotheses through a pop up research space in collaboration with Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins.



Their research centre and sell out pop up experiential space in Brick Lane London (UK) was open from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week with a waiting list of thousands. Insights gained were integrated within first versions of Wavepaths´ person-centred music technology and developed and tested in the course of 2020.



By early 2021, Wavepaths released it´s person-centred music product and within months got adopted by hundreds of care-providers in over 30 countries in clinics around the world. Hand in hand with therapists, researchers and artists, Wavepaths built a community leading the forefront of a new field of experiential medicine, working to unlock the therapeutic potentials of music.



Wavepaths is currently supporting the rapidly expanding psychedelic therapy sector across the world, and is being used by many ketamine clinics for both ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and ketamine IV therapy (KIT). In the 2nd half of the year, Wavepaths extensively studied and developed support for Psilocybin, MDMA and other psychedelic medicines.

2022 | Present


Wavepaths has been organically adopted by a number of hospitals, hospices, psychotherapists as well as wellness practitioners to use person-centred music as an adjunct to diverse therapy modalities. Now Wavepaths is optimised to support an increasingly diverse range of care modalities, ranging from palliative care, to birth care, from psychotherapy to psychiatry, from body work to breath work.

2022 | Present

Supporting Research

Wavepaths is supporting ongoing research into psychedelic therapy and is currently supporting clinical trials with MDMA, psilocybin, DMT and others. At institutions including McGill University, University of Washington, Imperial College London, Monash University and more.

2022 | Present