Music for Ketamine Therapy

Designed for Practitioners, Composed for Patients

Wavepaths: Music Optimised for Ketamine Therapy

The Gold Standard for Ketamine

Developed out of neuroscientific research into the role and function of music in psychedelic therapy, and refined in collaboration with our close community of ketamine practitioners over the last twelve months, Wavepaths provides the optimal music experience for ketamine therapy (KAP and KIT) according to dose, route of administration, patient preferences and needs.

Person-centred care, optimised for positive outcomes

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) – work with music as an extension of your therapeutic relationship. Intuitively adapt music to your patients evolving needs, allowing you both to remain present and connected to the therapeutic process.

Ketamine Intravenous Therapy (KIT) – easily create a unique, therapeutic musical experience for each patient or co-create one together. Whatever you or your patient chooses, you can be confident they will be optimally supported with music throughout their session.

Award-winning Artists

Wavepaths music is composed by world-renowned artists to reflect and evoke the full range of human emotion across each of our core emotional atmospheres: stillness, vitality, bittersweet, and tension.

According to your therapeutic choices, Artists’  combine live to create  a completely unique experience every time. Hear compositions transform seamlessly and in real time as you adapt music live to meet your patient’s needs and experience.

The music you provide has a profound impact on what your patients experience, and consequently – therapy outcomes. Join a community of ketamine practitioners dedicated to improving outcomes of ketamine through music.

What you are doing at Wavepaths is an incredible contribution to the field–it is expanding my notions of what a therapeutic environment ought to have; the music curation is staggeringly good and totally original. You’re making a contribution that is totally unique.

Dr. Anthony Back

Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington​

Wavepaths advocate Anthony Back
The Best Playlist for Psychedelic Therapy - Wavepaths

Therapy based features

Endless adaptability​

Automatically adapt to medicine, route of administration and dosage when curating sessions.

Live adjustments

Adjust emotionality, instrumentation and intensity in real time in response to patient preferences and needs.

Playback options

Run sessions live, in person or remote, or schedule sessions for patients to experience at home for preparation, integration, or as a standalone therapeutic intervention.

Emotional atmospheres

Guide patients through emotional atmospheres that most resonate with their unfolding experience.

Psychedelics and the essential importance of context - Wavepaths

Enhancing your practice

Co-create each experience​

Co-create each experience together with your patient, offer an invaluable sense of agency in the therapeutic process.

Person-centred music

Design person-centred music experiences, unique to each patient.

Music for therapy

Work with music as an extension of the therapeutic relationship.

Optimal healing environment​

Create an optimal environment for healing whilst you and your patient remain present and connected with the therapeutic process.

Wavepaths Music as Medicine

Supporting practitioners

Practitioner community

Continue to develop your practice alongside peers and experts in Wavepaths practitioner community.

Personalised training

Build confidence in working with music in a person-centred way with 1:1 training and onboarding.

Music Makes or Breaks the Patient Experience - Wavepaths

Confidence in Your Ketamine Practice

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When it comes to music for psychedelic therapy, practitioners understand it can make or break the experience – yet many don’t have the tools or knowledge to create the optimal set and setting.

Remove any guesswork in offering the optimal experience with evidence-based music for ketamine therapy.

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We understand the operational complexities of launching, running and growing a ketamine practice, clinic, or chain.

Wavepaths onboarding, training, and hands on support for clinic owners, practitioners and clinical teams means that providing the right music experience is one less thing to worry about.

It is imperative to both patient and practitioner that music during psychedelic therapy is as reliable as it is responsive.

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While the field of psychedelic medicine is advancing, there is a gap in expertise around music for psychedelic therapy.

Membership to Wavepaths practitioner community comes free with any subscription to Wavepaths – a place to connect with and learn from peers and experts in the space. Enhance your understanding of the theory and practice of person-centred music, and deepen your experiential understanding through live and on demand educational resources.

“Field Trip uses Wavepaths because they are the clear market leader with the most sophisticated technology and the most history around developing music for psychedelic experiences. Working with organizations like Wavepaths that are data-focused, doing the research and are evidence-based is very consistent with who we are at Field Trip.”
Ronan Levy
Co-Founder & Executive-Chairman at Field Trip.
The degree to which music resonates with a patient’s experience predicts positive therapy outcomes – guide patients through emotional atmospheres to support their unfolding experience.
Wavepaths Music as Psychedelic Therapy

Meet Your Patients Where They Are, With What They Need

Choose from a library of dynamic templates by emotionality, intensity and emotional progression or design your own journey for each patient. Within this framework Wavepaths creates a one-of-a-kind music experience live for your patient in-the-moment. Set and forget whilst you focus on your patient, or adjust on the fly – change the emotional atmosphere, the direction of the whole experience, or just swap out vocals or instrumentation.

Creative Autonomy For Your Unique Therapeutic Approach

We believe in the importance of agency and person-centredness for both practitioners and patients. Choose the degree of control you want over the music to suit your level of confidence and the focus required by each patient. Wavepaths offers an intuitive musical instrument to support and extend your therapeutic relationship with your patients.

Created to Optimise Ketamine Therapy Outcomes

Wavepaths unifies therapeutic intent and the pharmacodynamics of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy with evolving patient preferences and needs. Your therapeutic relationship and our proprietary technology, with world class artists come together to deliver a truly person-centred experience for every patient. 

Account for medicine, route of administration, and dosage when curating your session.

Your Brain On Music: Can You Really Trip on Just Music Alone
Medicine: Ketamine
Wavepaths is currently optimised for Ketamine Therapy.
Administration: Intravenous
Select the route of administration: intravenous, intramuscular, sublingual, or nasal.
Dosage: Medium
Account for standard dosage: low, medium, or high.
Wavepaths Music as Psychedelic Therapy

Join A Global Community of Psychedelic Practitioners

Join an international community of practitioners, researchers and experts at the forefront of psychedelic care,  dedicated to a deeper understanding of the therapeutic use of music.

Wavepaths subscription includes free membership to Wavepaths community – a place to connect with and learn from peers, experts and thought leaders in the space. Enhance your understanding of the theory and practice of person-centred music, and deepen your experiential understanding through live events and on demand educational resources.

Join “Experience as Medicine” events, hosted by Wavpeaths artists, prominent researchers and practitioners in psychotherapy and psychedelic medicine. Contribute to our Journal Club, register for a Deep Listening Experience, join a live Q&A or request product support. Connect with Wavepaths community and help to advance the therapeutic use of music.

Created to Optimise Ketamine Therapy Outcomes

Experience as Medicine Events — Past and Future

Attend live Experience as Medicine Conversations hosted by Dr. Mendel Kaelen and pioneer researchers, musicians, and leaders in the field of experiential therapy.

Wavepaths Exclusive Course Offerings

Access carefully researched, constantly updated courses on the application of music for psychedelic therapy. Available to you at any time on any device of your choosing.

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