Mendel Kaelen

Founder & CEO

Anna Rickman

Co-founder & COO

Laurens Feenstra


Dr. Bradley Vines

Chief Science Officer

Chris Yeoward

Lead Engineer

Melissa Shukuroglou


MikoĊ‚aj Torz

Full-stack developer

Tom Shutte

Psychotherapy lead

Robert M Thomas

Generative music engineer

Tero Parviainen

Generative music engineer

Samuel Diggins

Generative visual designer, front-end

Harry Simmons

Community manager

Mark James

Product & Design

Max Schnupp

Full-stack developer

Willis Plummer

Senior full-stack developer

Alexandria Anderson

Content Lead

Joshua Lichty

Growth Operations Lead

Advisory Board

Dr. Frederick Barret

Assistant Professor John's Hopkins, Psychedelic Neuroscientist

Dr. Alicia Danforth

Clinical Psychologist, Psychedelic Therapist

Dr. Jeffrey Gus

Clinical Psychiatrist, Psychedelic Therapist

Prof. Mira Sundara Rajan

IP and copyright law specialist, Stanford Law School

Daniel Dickens

Managing Director, Helix Healthcare

Collaborations with artists

Bradley Vines

Collaborations with institutions

European Institute of Innovation & Technology


MAPS Europe

McGill University

Johns Hopkins University

King's College London

Imperial College London