The Importance of Participant Voices with Leonie Schneider & Ian Roullier

We are delighted to welcome PsyPAN’s Leonie Schneider and Ian Roullier to join us for our next conversation in the Experience as Medicine series, hosted by Wavepaths Founder & CEO Mendel Kaelen.

This event has been postponed!

Event Date: 19 May 2023
Event Time:
4pm – 5pm BST  |  11am – 12pm ET
Booking fee:
£10-20 based on income

Learning outcomes:

1. Gain a better understanding of the participant perspective in psychedelic-assisted therapy

2. Gain insight into why participant perspectives are vital to the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy

3. Learn more about the potential as well as the pitfalls of the medicalisation of psychedelic-assisted therapy


Speaker bios:


Leonie Schneider

Co-Founder of PsyPAN and facilitator on the ACER Integration programme, United Kingdom. Leonie Schneider co-founded the Psychedelic Participant Advocacy Network (PsyPAN) after accessing psychedelic assisted psychotherapy in clinical trials. Participating in the Psilocybin for Depression clinical trial at Imperial College (2019) and Small Pharma’s DMT for Depression trial (2022) provided Leonie with a new path to improved mental health and enabled focused professional action. She had not found long-term relief with antidepressant medication or from conventional talking therapies prior to that.

Leonie has since spoken publicly to raise awareness of the possibilities and pitfalls of psychedelic medicine and the importance of integration, including for Women in Psychedelics (Drug Science), BBC Science Focus, Scientific American and the upcoming documentary The Psychedelic Renaissance. She actively represents patient interests on Drug Science’s industry-wide Medical Psychedelics Working Group, supports the delivery of world-class psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands with Alalaho and is a circle facilitator on the ACER Integration programme.

Leonie offers a holistic overview of the clinical trial experience from a participant perspective and across different psychedelics. She aims to expand access to these treatments by advocating for the safe, intentional and integrated use of psychedelics which led to her founding PsyPAN with Ian Roullier in 2021.


Ian Roullier

Ian Roullier is the co-founder of the Psychedelic Participant Advocacy Network (PsyPAN). Ian has suffered from depression and anxiety for most of his adult life and was a participant in both the Imperial College London psilocybin for depression pilot study (2015) and the COMPASS Pathways psilocybin trial (2019). Psilocybin has proven to be the most effective treatment for his mental health to date.

Ian’s journey has featured on Oprah, the BBC and in Michael Pollan’s bestseller ‘How To Change Your Mind’. He has given several public talks alongside Dr. Rosalind Watts (Imperial College/ACER Psychedelic Integration), appeared on various discussion panels as an ‘Expert by Experience’, and taken part in a roundtable of mental health leaders led by the Chair of the NHS. Ian is part of the King’s College PsiDeR trial steering committee and recently participated in the year-long Synthesis Institute Connectedness Program.

His efforts to help destigmatise and normalise psilocybin therapy led naturally to Ian founding PsyPAN with Leonie Schneider in 2021.

PsyPAN aims to pool participants’ lived experiences and, through consultancy and accreditation, help organisations create more effective treatment models, maximise positive outcomes and create a sector-wide model of best practice with participant wellbeing at its heart.

If you are a Wavepaths Care-Provider or have a Practitioner Community Membership, join freely via your member events space.



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