Music for MDMA-assisted Therapy

Provide optimal supportive music experiences for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

Music Optimised for MDMA Therapy

Wavepaths has studied and developed how to provide optimal supportive music experiences for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy according to both the medicine, the patient traits and their individual therapeutic needs.

Man undergoing psychedelic therapy while listening to Wavepaths music holding a practitioners hand

Informed by Decades of Research

Together with our academic and therapeutic collaborators, along with expert advisors, we are the only organisation that embodies multiple decades of research into the therapeutic functions of music in psychedelic therapy.

Our key insight is that the degree to which music resonates on an individual level is a key predictor of therapeutic outcomes, but not drug intensity. We define psychedelic therapies as an effort to provide an optimal climate for patients for learning in an experience-based manner. We recognise that non-drug variables, such as interpersonal rapport, therapeutic alliance, the room, the individual mind-set of the patient and the music being played, all work together in a synergy to provide those experiences. There will never be any perfect playlist for therapeutic sessions, but instead, we can work with each individual to tailor the musical experience to their unique personal needs in the therapy sessions.

Man undergoing psychedelic therapy while listening to Wavepaths music

Make person-centred music:

As simple as adjusting the room temperature

The longer the session, the harder it becomes to predict what clients will need throughout the dynamically unfolding experience ahead. Our adaptive music tool simplifies the adaptation process and takes away the guesswork, the worries and potential disconnection that results from your client in those moments.

Support the nuanced and dynamic nature of the MDMA experience

Create a seamless musical journey

We designed our music tool to function like an extension of the dynamic relationship between therapist, client and music. Wavepaths allows real-time adaptation of the music as new themes evolve and therapeutic processes deepen, and supports the movement towards resolution, transformation and meaning-making over the session.

Therapist uses Wavepaths platform on computer during Guided Deep Listening session.

New features tailored to working with trauma

Music for treating trauma related conditions

We developed support for MDMA with the awareness that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy may be most commonly developed and applied for treating trauma related conditions. By differentiating between five core therapeutic functions of music, detailed controls over its emotional qualities, its intensity, as well as the instrumentations used, our tool allows nuanced music adaptation to support experiences ranging from overwhelm and dissociation, to emotional catharsis, to experiences of safety, forgiveness, compassion and peace.

Award-winning Artists

Wavepaths music is composed by world-renowned artists to reflect and evoke the full range of human emotion across each of our core emotional climates: stillness, vitality, bittersweet, and tension.

Wavepaths Artists create Psilocybin Therapy music for

According to your therapeutic choices, artists’ contributions are combined in the moment into a real-time composition to create a flexible and completely unique experience every time.

Man undergoing psychedelic therapy while listening to Wavepaths music

Therapy based features

Endless adaptability​

Automatically adapt to medicine, route of administration and dosage when curating sessions.

Live adjustments

Adjust emotionality, instrumentation and intensity in real time in response to patient preferences and needs.

Playback options

Run sessions live, in person or remote, or schedule sessions for patients to experience at home for preparation, integration, or as a standalone therapeutic intervention.

Emotional atmospheres

Guide patients through emotional atmospheres that most resonate with their unfolding experience.

Therapist uses Wavepaths platform on computer during Guided Deep Listening session.

Enhancing your practice

Co-create each experience​

Co-create each experience together with your patient, offer an invaluable sense of agency in the therapeutic process.

Person-centred music

Design person-centred music experiences, unique to each patient.

Music for therapy

Work with music as an extension of the therapeutic relationship.

Optimal healing environment​

Create an optimal environment for healing whilst you and your patient remain present and connected with the therapeutic process.

Mendel Kaelen holding a model of the brain, leading a Wavepaths workshop series on the neuroscience of music and psychedelic therapy

Supporting practitioners

Practitioner community

Continue to develop your practice alongside peers and experts in Wavepaths practitioner community.

Personalised training

Build confidence in working with music in a person-centred way with 1:1 training and onboarding.