Wavepaths for Flotation Therapy

Music to support altered states of consciousness during flotation therapy. Easily adjust the balance between silence and music for each client's taste.

Offer Wavepaths music in your flotation therapy centre

Designed for flotation sessions

Music to gently guide clients into deep states of stillness and support float entry and emergence.

Customisable music arcs

Easily adjust the balance between silence and music for each client's taste

No two sessions the same

Each session is new and unique, no matter how often your client may choose to float.

Unique compositions informed by science that support the sensory deprivation experience

Wavepaths embodies a decade long research endeavour in the use of music to facilitate and support altered states of consciousness, pioneered by doctoral research of Wavepaths’ founder Mendel Kaelen at Imperial College London who holds a PhD in the role of music in psychedelic therapy.

Our research informs music compositions specifically to support the arc of a flotation session, with notes carrying greater depth, increasing sparseness and spaciousness as the session progresses, to support the heightened listening experience during sensory deprivation.


A departure from streaming services

Fully-licensed for professional use

Wavepaths includes all needed licences for the use of music in your practice.

Support the artists that support your clients

Wavepaths shares 10% of your monthly software subscription with it´s artists.

Ensure novel music, intentionally composed for therapeutic use

Original music, composed with intention, care and understanding of the healing experience.

Session arc

Intensity Slider


In-session Planner

Award-winning Artists

Wavepaths music is composed by world-renowned artists to reflect and evoke the full range of human emotion across each of our core emotional climates: stillness, vitality, bittersweet, and tension.

Wavepaths Artists create Psilocybin Therapy music for

According to your therapeutic choices, Wavepaths’ combines compositions in the moment to create a completely unique experience every time. Hear compositions transform seamlessly and in real time as you adapt music live to meet your patient’s needs and experience.