Experience as Medicine

Wavepaths is a tool that facilitates live, unique, personalised music experiences for therapeutic use.

Music for Care-Providers

Customised music with in-session adaptation to support the dynamic and personal nature of music-assisted therapeutic work.

A tablet showing a Wavepaths' session interface screen.

Our Music

We collaborate with world-renowned musicians who offered their unique creative gifts and deepest human empathy into each of their exclusive musical contributions. Every Wavepaths session represent a unique interplay and collaboration between our technology, science and artists.

Philanthropic Support for Research & Training

The future of care will become increasingly concerned with the quality of the care-seekers’ experience . Recognising Experience as a fundamental component for facilitating sustained improvement in mental health and well being.  Our mission is to support care-providers in their experience design by simplifying the inclusion of music in their therapeutic practice.”

– Dr. Mendel Kaelen, Founder & CEO at Wavepaths

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