Experience as medicine

We provide adaptive music both for psychedelic therapy and
as psychedelic therapy, in collaboration with world class artists.

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Music composed for experiental therapy and adapted in real-time.

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Neuroscientific research into the role of music in psychedelic therapy
and the efficacy of music as psychedelic therapy.

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The masters of experience

With contributions from world class artists. Jon Hopkins,
Greg Haines, Brian Eno, Pascal Savy and more

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Kaelen is definitely on
to something.

Sirin Kale, GQ

A day afterwards, I still feel calmer, fresher, brighter

I lost sense of time

Recently I've wanted … to draw … connections between particular visual and aural experiences and the mental states they give rise to. I would also like to extend the reach of my own work into specifically therapeutic avenues. Wavepaths offers me the chance to do both

Brian Eno

People describing how the music has been cathartic … I can’t really ask for more than that”, “progressing beyond simply making records and then performing them, is what lies ahead. And that is of course why I’m involved in Wavepaths

Jon Hopkins