Shamanism and Psychotherapy with Manvir Singh

We are delighted to welcome Manvir Singh to join us for our next Experience as Medicine Conversation, hosted by Wavepaths Founder & CEO Mendel Kaelen.

Event Date: 21 April 2023
Event Time:
4pm – 5pm BST  |  11am – 12pm ET
Booking fee:
£10-20 based on income

Learning outcomes:

  1. A broad understanding of the role of spiritual practices (and shamanism, in particular) in healing around the world
  2. Thoughtfulness around how popular narratives misrepresent humanity’s diverse traditions
  3. Consideration of therapeutic applications from traditional shamanic practices

Speaker bio:

Manvir Singh is an anthropologist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse. He graduated with a PhD in human evolutionary biology from Harvard in 2020 and has studied shamanism among the Mentawai people since 2014. He has written about anthropology, evolution, and deep history for The New Yorker, Vice, Wired, and Aeon, among other outlets.

If you are a Wavepaths Care-Provider or have a Practitioner Community Membership, join freely via your member events space.



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