Wavepaths Launches New Product Offering for Listeners

Wavepaths Launches New Product Offering for Listeners

Wavepaths has just launched a new product offering designed for listeners: the Wavepaths Listeners Community. 

The launch of this new community marks the first time that anyone can regularly access remote therapeutic experiences with Wavepaths music outside of clinical settings.

The Listeners Community is a space created to offer a new way of managing mental health and wellbeing from the comfort of your home. It’s a meeting place for anyone interested in deepening their relationship with music and working with music therapeutically for personal growth and self-exploration. 


The Listeners Community offers:

  • Access to unlimited live-guided deep listening experiences, with your preparation and integration gently supported by a Wavepaths therapist
  • Access to unlimited self-guided deep listening experiences each month
  • A place to cultivate a regular deep listening practice through daily drop-in sessions
  • A way to continue psychedelic integration between sessions 
  • An introduction to the healing potential of music for those new to deep listening 

Accessing a Wavepaths Listeners Community Pass

Members of the Listeners Community can subscribe to one of three passes:

The Deep Listening Sampler Pass, which provides free access to Wavepaths public events, experiences, learning resources and discussion threads. 

The Drop-in & Reconnect Deep Listening Pass, which provides unlimited access to daily drop-in deep listening sessions for self exploration and inner growth.

The Live Guided & Integrated Deep Listening Pass, which provides unlimited access to live, guided and drop-in self-guided deep listening experiences that include more activating music and work with an experienced guide.

Learn more about each of Wavepaths three subscription passes in the Listeners Community.



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