Deep Listening Preparation


Your Deep Listening journey starts here. To maximise the value of your sessions, we highly recommend following the guidelines below attentively.

Ready your space

    1. Create a private and serene space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session.
    2. Prepare a supportive surface like a yoga mat to lie on (avoid using areas that you associate with sleep).
    3. Consider supporting your head and your knees with pillows for comfort.
    4. We strongly recommend using eye shades as this supports full immersion in the music.
    5. Have a cosy blanket hand for covering yourself with, especially if you get cold.
    6. Take the time to test your space and ensure you can be fully relaxed and comfortable.

Ready your device

    1. During your video call you will receive a link through which the music will be streamed. You can open this link on any device and browser of choice.
    2. If the music is streamed from the same device you use for the video call, you need to close Zoom for the duration of the session (and return afterwards for shared closure), to prevent potential sound card conflicts and sound glitches.
    3. For your Guide to stay present during the session, we therefore recommend streaming the music from a different device than you use for Zoom (for example your phone or tablet)
    4. When using your phone, put your device in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to prevent interruption from notification sounds (on Windows this feature is called ‘Focus Assist’).
Wavepaths Deep Listening Guide - Experience as Medicine

Ready your audio equipment

    1. Wear good quality headphones (preferably wired) or position an external sound system.
    2. When using a high fidelity sound system, ensure you are positioned centrally facing the stereo speakers for full audio immersion.
    3. Make sure the volume is comfortably loud so that the music fills your awareness.
    4. If using Bluetooth headphones ensure they are not paired with any other nearby devices and that no other browser tabs are open on your devices.
    5. Test your audio equipment prior to the session. You may receive a link from us ahead of the session for this purpose.

Ready yourself

    1. Deep Listening can evoke strong experiences, take sufficient self-care preparing yourself and after the session
    2. Do not rush in and out of the session. Leave time before and after to ease the transition between the experience and the rest of your day.
    3. Engage wholeheartedly and dedicate your full attention to the experience with openness and curiosity.
    4. Set time aside to reflect on what is most present within yourself and what you are hoping for the experience will bring to you

We wish you a wonderful journey

We look forward to welcoming you to your Deep Listening session !