Wavepaths Launches Listener Community To Expand Access To Music for Self-Exploration


For the first time, Wavepaths offers a new way of supporting wellbeing and mental health through music from the comfort of one’s own home

Media contact: Brad Burge
Wavepaths, the leading producer of music for use during psychedelic therapy, is announcing the launch of its new Listener Community, a private social network that turns music into a tool for supporting wellbeing and mental health—all from the comfort of one’s own home. The Listener Community marks the first time that anyone can regularly experience Wavepaths music outside of clinical settings.
With the launch of the Listener Community, anyone can access the healing power of music, whether it be for the purposes of personal growth, self-exploration, or curiosity. The community is a meeting place for those interested in deepening their relationship with music and using music for personal growth and self-exploration, where subscribers can book their own guided musical experiences. The experiences available through the Listener Community can be used as a stand-alone practice, or in conjunction with other approaches such as psychedelic integration, yoga, or meditation.
Since its founding in 2016, Wavepaths has pursued a mission to unlock the healing power of music in psychedelic therapy. With over 350 practitioners and clinics using Wavepaths’ groundbreaking music streaming platform since 2021—and over 5,400 active users in the past month alone—the company is successfully building upon pioneering research showing that music can play an essential role in creating positive outcomes for psychedelic therapy.
But studies have also shown that music can have therapeutic potential without the involvement of psychedelics—and in some cases, might actually work in similar ways as psychedelic therapy. Research finds that the benefits of listening to music range from anxiety and pain relief, to improved memory recall, and even as a treatment for brain injury or epilepsy. In recent years, there has also been increased interest in the practice of deep listening, which may promote self-care, self-exploration, and self-understanding, especially when used along with meditation and other mindfulness practices.
“Wavepaths was born from my research into how music plays a fundamental role in shaping patient experiences in psychedelic therapy,” says Wavepaths founder Mendel Kaelen, Ph.D. “Taking the insights we’ve learned from that research, and from everything that we’ve learned developing the world’s most advanced AI-powered generative music system, we want everyone to have access to these tools. Music plays a central role in psychedelic therapy, certainly—and perhaps just as much in our everyday lives.”
New members of the Wavepaths Listener Community are already discovering its benefits.
“The session and the music evoked a lot of positive feelings and imagery about big future changes that I have been worrying about in the past months,” said one user. “It helped me to momentarily see it in a different light, and to give me the space and time to engage with it in a positive way.”
“The music provided a very soothing flow and expansive atmosphere that induced self reflection and introspection,” said another. “It was not only an auditory experience but a somatic one as well, where I could process both conscious and unconscious materials more effectively.”
The Wavepaths Listener Community offers two membership options. Users can sign up for free access, which includes a Deep Listening Sampler and access to Wavepaths public events, experiences, learning resources, and discussion threads. For those wanting to deepen, develop and integrate their Deep Listening practice with personalised sessions and guided sessions with the support of Wavepaths guides, Wavepaths is also offering a Guided & Personalised Deep Listening Pass (£19.99/month) which includes access to bi-weekly live guided deep listening events and two personalised sessions per month, as well as all of the other perks offered to members of the Listener Community
Wavepaths is the world’s first person-centered music solution for psychedelic therapists and mental health practitioners. Developed from peer-reviewed research into the use of music in psychedelic therapy, Wavepaths is designed to support therapeutic work with PTSD, depression, end-of-life anxiety and other conditions, with or without psychedelic-assistance. To learn more and access the platform and Listener Community, visit wavepaths.com.




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