Using Wavepaths in my Practice

Wavepaths is a powerful musical tool which lets you make real time compositional changes to a live music stream through adjustments to the emotional atmosphere, adaptation of the intensity level of the music created or even changing an individual instrument within a multi artist composition.  

This means that Wavepaths is much more akin to a live musical composition tool or instrument than a platform which simply streams pre-recorded songs. 

The features that give Wavepaths its flexibility and power do however require more connectivity resources than your typical media streaming platform.  

The basic components of a good Wavepaths set-up are: 

    • A fast, stable internet connection 
    • Up to date wi-fi streaming technology (router, wi-fi card etc) or an ethernet connection 
    • Minimising interfering variables (e.g.: closing other browser tabs, other apps or software)   
    • Audio equipment of a suitably high fidelity (speakers, headphones, mixer)

For further details on how to prepare your clinic for using Wavepaths as well as audio equipment recommendations see our Setting up Wavepaths course.

Learn more about Wavepaths 

Listen to Dr Sara Herman describe her ketamine clinic set up for using Wavepaths

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