What can I do with Wavepaths?

Control of musical intensity and therapeutic function

In addition to creating unique music from within each of the four core emotional atmospheres or musical worlds outlined in the last section, Wavepaths allows you to choose the intensity of the music created.  This can be done whilst planning a session, by selecting low, medium or high intensity waves. 

You can also manually control intensity during the session by using the intensity slider to select from 13 different intensity levels, allowing for more precise control. (see video below)

The ability to control the intensity of the music created within a particular emotional atmosphere allows you to choose which of two therapeutic functions, soothing or deepening, is engaged by the system.

An example of Vitality going from low intensity to high intensity and back down.
(Note: drastic changes in intensity for demonstration purposes only)

Soothing function

The soothing function is primarily concerned with providing a soothing, calming and reassuring climate within the emotional world selected. Soothing music is not emotionally or physiologically activating, instead it reduces the intensity of the respective subjective experience. Soothing music does not strongly demand attention, and rather allows the listener to explore various internal states relatively freely. Soothing music is represented by low and medium intensity waves in the system or the first 5 notches on the intensity slider.

Deepening function

Deepening is primarily concerned with intensifying subjective experience and with bringing feelings, psychological processes and memories more strongly into awareness, for them to be more deeply experienced and expressed. Deepening music is emotionally or physiologically activating, demands more of the listener’s attention and guides the attention towards a narrower range of internal states. Deepening music is represented by high intensity waves in the system and notches 6 -12 on the intensity slider.

Control of musical tone colour or acousticness

The Wavepaths system allows you control over the musical tone colour or “timbre” of the session composed by the system, through using the musical preference selector within the session planner page. 

Here you can select between Acoustic, Electronic or Mixed settings. 

    • Acoustic will prioritise instruments such as wind, brass and strings, tuned percussion, as well as human voice within the composition. 
    • Electronic will prioritise electronic instruments such as synthesisers.
    • Mixed acoustic/electronic includes both of the above, as well as acoustic instruments that have been processed electronically.

Seamlessly adapt the music in real time, at the level of individual instrumentation

The real time compositional power of the Wavepaths system provides you with a high degree of control; switching emotional atmospheres or changing musical intensity happens seamlessly and within 60 seconds of your instruction.  This ensures adaptability to the dynamics of the patient’s experience without disruption.  

Control down to the level of instrumentation is also possible, so you can change single instruments within a multi-artist composition in real time.

An example changing instruments and sounds during a session.
(Note: quick instrument/sound changes for demonstration purposes only)

Wavepaths also allows you to:

    • Stream remotely to unlimited devices 
    • Start the session remotely, via the functionality for pre-planned on demand use 
    • Use pre-designed templates that are configurable based on medicine, dosage and route of administration 
    • Access to an integration page for each completed session, with prompts and a music playback option  

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