About Wavepaths

What is Wavepaths? Delve into our product

Wavepaths is a first of its kind of music tool; created specifically for psychedelic therapists and other practitioners who work with music. 

The system contains an ever expanding library of bespoke musical elements, created solely for Wavepaths by our roster of talented artists.  

Wavepaths artists are commissioned to compose unique musical elements and longer compositions which are featured in one of four Emotionalities, these are: Stillness, Bittersweet, Tension and Vitality. More on these to come in the next section.  

When you select one of the Emotionalities, the system responds by creating a unique musical composition in real time from the library of sounds currently available in that particular ‘musical world’. (see video below).

This process renders a unique, live musical composition by combining different sounds from a variety of different artists in real time. This is akin to a unique, one off collaboration between those artists – made just for your client.

Our library of musical elements in each of the four Emotionalities is expanding rapidly each week. This leads to an expansion of the combinatorial possibilities within the system, thereby increasing the variety and uniqueness of each composition the system creates.

In addition, every session in Wavepaths creates a recording of that unique personalised musical experience which can be used for post session integration with your client.

An example of the seamless change between Wavepaths’ Emotionalities
(Note: quick and immediate changes of Emotionalities for demonstration purposes only)

The Wavepaths system has already created more than 10,000 hours of unique music for patient sessions.

Learn more about Wavepaths 

Hear Wavepaths Music Lead Robert Thomas talk about how the Wavepaths system works. 

Interact with a presentation on how generative music systems works developed by Wavepaths audio engineer Tero Parviainen