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How can Therme continue to enhance its pioneering role in the realm of wellbeing leadership?

We recognise untapped opportunities for Therme to integrate an innovative approach to sound.

In the following pages, we will briefly introduce our business and then provide you with tangible examples showcasing how we can contribute to Therme's innovation in sound design.

Introducing Wavepaths

Built on the fundamental understanding that well-being is continuously shaped by life experiences, Wavepaths has developed the world’s premier AI music software explicitly designed to improve mental health and well-being.

Launching Wavepaths

Since launching in 2022, we have supported more than 40,000 client experiences in more than 30 different countries and in collaboration with 30 world-class artists including Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins, Kaithlyn Aurelia Smith and David Wingo.

Read more about our story here, our artists here and our press coverage here.


Listen to Mendel talk about Experience Medicine

Listen to Jon Hopkins speak about his work with Wavepaths

Making transformative audio more accessible

Having established a robust clinical foundation, we’ve now developed various solutions tailored to the well-being sector.

Significantly, our interest in collaborating with Therme is rooted in our mutual aspiration to harmonize architecture, science, and experience design to broaden access to well-being treatments globally.

We recognise untapped opportunities for Therme to integrate an innovative approach with sound and music

Music that is alive
Music that is impactful
Music that is representative

1. Music that is alive

Shift from static and repetitive songs to organically evolving sonic environments.

Conventional playlists and songs can lead to serious listening fatigue for frequent visitors and staff alike. Their static nature also hinders a harmonious fusion of sound and architecture as visitors traverse the venue.

Wavepaths Offers

Ongoing novelty

Like a nature landscape that changes alongside the seasons, each single day of the year day Therme’s music will evolve.

Auditory continuity

From reception to hallways, from restaurants to spa areas: the visitors’ movements inform the music-changes, seamlessly unifying the entire Therme venue into one composition.

Advanced adaptivity

Musical components such as instrumentation, energy, style can be programmed to automatically adapt to anything ranging from time of day, season, treatment types and utility of the spaces.

2. Music that is impactful

Steer clear of music that echoes the routine of daily life. Instead, curate sounds that ignite inspiration, evoke awe, and foster openness

While familiar songs can bring a sense of belonging, it carries strong associations that can limit the full impact of the Therme experience on a visitor’s well-being.

Wavepaths Offers

Contemporary sound

No more relying on generic pop songs, and instead offer truly contemporary sound aligned with Therme’s pioneering artistic reputation.

Inclusive music

Our careful curation will lead to a sound design that that balances novelty with accessibility.

Evidence-based music

By processing all new music through our vetted compositional methods and research, Therme’s music is optimised to support specific subjective states.

3. Music that is representative

Represent your brand with a unique sonic signature that grows and develops alongside the expansion of Therme.

Sound brings powerful brand associations. A thoughtful and collaborative curation of unique and exclusive music will elevate each touch point of the Therme visit and strengthen the character and reputation of each Therme location.

Wavepaths Offers


After understanding the preferences, we collaborate with our musicians to deliver music exclusively for Therme.


Any future sound projects that Therme commissions from other artists can integrate within the Wavepaths platform to become part of the organic sonic ecosystem.


Easily implement Wavepaths across multiple sites and expand musical diversity as desired.

Wavepaths Examples

In the upcoming sections, we provide illustrations of the concepts previously discussed.

It’s important to note that the samples used here are drawn from the existing Wavepaths library. However, when working with you we will carefully and collaboratively curate sounds, instrumentation, and style to craft a distinctive sonic identity that truly embodies your vision for Therme.

1. Music that is alive

This sample demonstrates the evolution of the visitor’s auditory experience as they transition from the external environment to indoor spaces, progressing from hallways to the spa areas.

Music that is impactful

These short musical excerpts illustrate the possibilities of tailoring style and instrumentation for specific use-cases.

Relax & Unwind

Active family fun

Wellbeing Therapies

Health Activities

Music that is representative

Therme commissions a contemporary sound art piece by artist.

The Therme soundscape continues to diversify over time.

Work is integrated within Wavepaths and becomes more dynamic.

Additional opportunities

We have the capability to design specialized rooms or listening pods that deliver unique and profoundly impactful experiences.

Immersive deep listening

Wavepaths has pioneered immersive sound experiences tailored for both individuals and groups.

Architectural collaboration

Wavepaths has innovated a multitude of concepts for seamlessly integrating sound with architecture in extraordinary and distinctive ways.

Costing structure

Pricing for our services is highly dependent on the specifics of our collaboration and is open for discussion. As a preliminary estimate, here is a rough range:

  • A one-time fee ranging from €20,000 to €80,000 for initial development.
  • Subsequent monthly usage fees ranging from €700 to €1,500.

Please keep in mind that these figures are indicative and can be adjusted based on the unique requirements and scope of our work.


●●● | Exclusivity

●●● | Evidence Based

●○○ | Ongoing Novelty

●○○ | Adaptation

○○○ | Continuity


●●● | Exclusivity

●●● | Evidence Based

●●○ | Ongoing Novelty

●●○ | Adaptation

●○○ | Continuity


●●● | Exclusivity

●●● | Evidence Based

●●● | Ongoing Novelty

●●● | Adaptation

●●● | Continuity

○○○ = None

●○○ = Some

●●○ = Majority

●●● = Full

Why Wavepaths?

Neuroscience led

Led by neuroscientists Dr. Mendel Kaelen, PhD., Wavepaths embodies cutting edge breakthroughs in science and technology.

World-class artistis

Exclusive music composed for therapeutic use by grammy winning artists, including Jon Hopkins, Anilah and Greg Haines.

Cutting edge

Composed live in the moment, each session is unique and can be tailored to the individual in advance and in real-time.

Bespoke music

Sound experience designed exclusively to support each setting and situation.

Fully licensed

No more time and effort spent on sourcing licensed tracks, Wavepaths has you covered.

Effortless operation

No longer do you require intricate and costly audio hardware. Simplify your setup by utilising a laptop or iPad, streaming directly to your audio system with our Cloud tecnology.

Outcomes for Therme

Advanced science & tech

World-class musicians

No licensing issues

Enhanced customer UX

Improved outcomes




Thank you

The ideas presented here serve as an initial starting point of our dialogue.

We see many possibilities and are thrilled to embark on the journey of crafting something genuinely extraordinary for you.


Mendel Kaelen, Founder & CEO

Experience as medicine

We unify immersive arts, psychotherapies and intelligent technologies into new models of care.